Free ESL Flashcard Games for Kids

Using ESL flashcards and playing ESL flashcard games to teach English to children is an essential part of the ESL primary classroom. All language learners benefit from learning English through picture flashcards and playing ESL flashcards games, especially ESL flashcard games for kids, but it is not always easy to think up of new flashcard games for your kids ESL classes. This is where TEFL Lemon steps in to help!

Our ESL flashcards games for kids have an amazing reputation and we write our ESL flashcard games in such a way that TEFL teachers should be able to scan each flashcard game for thirty seconds and will then know what to do and how to play the flashcard game.

Here are a few free ESL flashcard games for kids which your children will enjoy playing again and again in their English classes with you! If you know any cool Kids’ ESL Flashcard Games yourself, then please let us know! The best flashcard games for kids will get published here on TEFL Lemon and you’ll get the credit for it!

Booby Chair.jpg

An amazing simple and fun ESL flashcard game for kids, where students have to race to sit on any chair EXCEPT the chair where the correct flashcard is on!

To do this, put five or six chairs in a row with a different flashcard on each chair. The TEFL teacher calls out a flashcard and the kids must race to sit on any chair EXCEPT the one with the named flashcard on. Whoever sits on the chair with the named flashcard loses a point.

The kids must identify correctly the ESL flashcard the teacher calls and then make sure they do not sit on that chair! Don’t sit on the Booby Chair!

The Duel400.jpg

ESL Flashcard Game for Kids: The Duel

In this ESL flashcard game for kindergarten or kids, you’ll have two kids out in the middle. Put them back to back.

Give one ESL flashcard to one of the kids and another ESL flashcard to the other student. Make sure that each student is holding the flashcard at chest height and facing outward. Also make sure that each student has not seen what the other student is holding. Time to Duel!

When you are ready, slowly start counting to five. 1.... 2.... 3.... 4..... 5.....FIRE!! Both children turn around quickly and try to name the other child’s flashcard!

Brain Drain2.jpg

ESL Flashcard Game for Kids and Teens: Brain Game

This is a clever little ESL flashcard activity for older kids and teens which requires your students to think and engage a little more. It can be adapted to fit multi-levels of ability and also varying ages, depending on the task the teachers sets. Your ESL students will be thinking a little more critically and producing quality language.

The Generation Game400.jpg

This ESL flashcard game for kids and teens will test the memory to the limit! A perfect way to review a large amount of vocabulary from the last few weeks.

Review all of the ESL flashcards together as a class. Now give each student a flashcard and have them form a line. One student is seated as the main player. One by one, each student walks past the seated student holding out their flashcard for the seated player to look at and try to remember. Keep going until the line has gone. Now seat all the students and see how many flashcards the player remembers.

Climb the tree.jpg

This is a whole class TEFL flashcard activity for kids which will give your children some excellent speaking practice. For this ESL flashcard game for children, you’ll need to draw a big tree on the classroom whiteboard.

They will be asking and answering questions with a goal to reach at the end. A quality ESL flashcard activity for kids, which is far more than just ‘run and hit the flashcard’ activity. Your students will be producing whole sentences in the high-quality and high-output ESL flashcard game for kids and teens!


This ESL flashcard game for older kids will test vocab skills and will require fast-thinking. When you are ready, hold out a flashcard. Students either call out the word or raise their hand if they know the answer. Choose whoever was first to answer and if they get it right, they can sit down and are out.

Take a new ESL flashcard and go again. The fastest to answer is out. Keep repeating this process until one team is all out and they are the winner. Elimination is the key!

Welcome to the Dangerzone.jpg

ESL Flashcard Game for Kids and Teens: Welcome to the Danger Zone

Clear lots of space in your classroom and divide it into four zones, similar to the zones on this page. This is a very easy ESL flashcard game for kids to set up and is perfect to slot in the middle of a 45 minute ESL class for children to break things up and review English vocab.

On the floor in each zone, place two ESL flashcards face up, making eight flashcards in total on the floor. The teacher stands to one side and faces the wall. The students now quietly go and stand in one of the zones. Each individual can choose any zone they like...

Island Hopping.jpg

Island Hopping is a very cool ESL flashcard game for children which your kids will remember for a long time to come and will be telling their friends about, making you an AWESOME TEFL TEACHER!

Review all of your ESL flashcards with the class (this ESL flashcard game is perfect for both kindergarten and primary), then divide them into two teams (or into three if you have over 12 students).

The aim of this TEFL flashcard activity is for students in each team to make their way, one by one, across the classroom towards the teacher, take and say a flashcard, then get back to their team. To do so, students must use two puzzle mats only, to slowly make their way over to you and back to their team again.

Balancing Act.jpg

This ESL flashcard game for kids works best with rigid flashcards which have been laminated.

The idea of this flashcard game is very simple. Divide your class into small groups of 3-­4 students. Each team chooses a member to stand at the other end of the classroom. This student must stand there perfectly still and the ESL flashcards must not fall off the head onto the floor! A real balancing act!


ESL Flashcard Game for Kids: Ready, Aim, Fire!

For the ESL flashcard game for kids, you'll need flashcards or circular paper plates, paper cups and a toy gun with fire rubber sucker darts.

In a nutshell, your students will be aiming at flashcards or words you say with the gun and trying to hit them for points! A simple, but unusual way of reviewing English vocabulary and flashcards with your ESL kids class. Ready, Aim, FIRE!!

Make a Copy.jpg

Similar to Chinese whispers, this particular ESL flashcard game for kids sees two lines of kids passing down from the end of the line 3-4 flashcard words from the TEFL teacher down to the front.

The child at the front must then arrange the ESL flashcards into the same order as the teacher said to make a copy!

Hula-hoop steal 400.jpg

A cool ESL flashcard game for kids, this will certainly be a big time favourite for your kids, which you can play often over the year. A high-energy ESL flashcard game, with excellent repetition and review of key vocab for your English class.

Make a loop of hula-hoops, with a different upturned flashcard in each. Your students will be racing around hula-hoops with flashcards in trying to reach the other team to steal students!