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TEFL Lemon Flashcard Sets to Buy

Here at TEFL Lemon, I’ve been making teacher lesson plans, worksheets, flashcards and ebooks for quite some time. Previously, I’ve just been making one or two flashcard sets for teachers to use in their classes teaching English.

From this year, I’m going to be creating more and more beautiful ESL flashcards for teachers to buy and print for use in their classes. I always try to make my TEFL flashcards vibrant, colourful and, most importantly, engaging to language learners and clear.

Rather than just taking a gamble and buying a set of flashcards without knowing what they’ll be like, I’ll give the first five ESL flashcards in each flashcard set for free. Please go ahead and download them them for free. If you love the free ESL flashcards and want to buy the full set, then each full set of flashcards will just be $3 and you can head over to our shop to buy them and immediately download them to keep forever.

I’m very happy to be designing these English flashcards for you and if you would like me to make any particular topic, then please d get in touch and you can make a request for my next ESL flashcard set for teachers.

Flashcard sets will appear here over the coming months…