Booby Chair.jpg

ESL Flashcard Game for Kids: Don't Sit on the Booby Chair

At the front of your class, arrange five chairs and stick an ESL flashcard on the back rest of each chair so the class can clearly see every flashcard. Drill each ESL flashcard until your kids are comfortable with the words.

Now choose five students and stand them facing the five chairs, about 2m away. Shout out the word of one of your ESL flashcards. The chair with this word on is now the ‘Booby Chair!’

FC6 Chair.jpg

The five students must now run and sit in one of the chairs.
Whoever is slowest and sits in the Booby Chair is out. Switch students around often so everyone gets a go.

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Volcano! - The floor of your classroom is lava and is super hot!! The only way for your kids to get to the other side of the classroom is to use your ESL flashcards as stepping stones to get to safety! This ESL flashcard game is perfect for kindergarten ages.

Island Hopping.jpg

Island Hopping - This is a cool ESL flashcard game for kids where your students are put into teams. Using foam mats or sheets of newspaper, your kids have to get to the other side of the classroom, take a flashcard from the teacher (saying the word!) and then make it back to their team.

The Duel.jpg

Duel - another team-based ESL flashcard game for children. Kids go back to back holding a flashcard and then must take five paces, turn and say the name of the flashcard the other child is holding!