ESL Flashcard Game for Kids and Teens: Elimination

Pre-teach and review your ESL flashcard vocab to your students. You can play this ESL flashcard game with both kids or teenagers.

Divide your class into teams of 3-4 students. Make sure there are at least three teams in this game (preferably more than three teams).

Get all of your students to move their chairs to sit in a large circle. Once all your students are nicely in a circle, ask everyone to stand up.


When you are ready, hold out a flashcard. Students either call out the word or raise their hand if they know the answer. Choose whoever was first to answer and if they get it right, they can sit down and are out.

Take a new flashcard and go again. The fastest to answer is out. Keep repeating this process until one team is all out and they are the winner.

If no one answers a flashcard, simply drill this with everybody and then put it to the back of the pile and continue. This is a simple game which the students will enjoy.

Stu's Tip: Don't play this game with only two teams. Weaker
students inevitably end up standing at the end and having two
teams may mean that one lone student loses this game for the
team. Having more more teams stops this happening. Always
protect the feelings and confidence of your students.

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