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ESL Flashcard Game for Kids: The Duel

This is an ESL classic which has been a staple ESL flashcard game for many English teachers around the world for years.

How to Play

Divide your TEFL class into two teams and then choose one player from each team to come and stand in the middle of the class back to back.

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Give one ESL flashcard to one of the students and another flashcard to the other student. Make sure that each student is holding the flashcard at chest height and facing outward. Also make sure that each student has not seen what the other student is holding.

When you are ready, slowly start counting to five.
1.... 2.... 3.... 4..... 5........

As you slowly count, each student slowly starts walking so a gap grows as you count. On five, shout 'FIRE!!' and each student quickly turns to face the other student. The fastest student to call out the other flashcard is the victor and that team wins a point.

Keep bringing up a new pair of kids until everyone has had a turn. Review all the ESL flashcards as a whole class review at the end of the flashcard game.

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