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ESL Flashcard Game for Kids and Teens: Welcome to the Danger Zone

As a whole class, review your ESL flashcards with your kids or teens until you feel your class are comfortable with the words and can recall them with little problem.

Clear lots of space in your classroom and divide it into four zones, similar to the zones on this page. On the floor in each zone, place two flashcards face up.

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The teacher stands to one side and faces the wall. The students now quietly go and stand in one of the zones containing the ESL flashcards. Each individual can choose any zone they like.

The teacher, without looking, now calls out a flashcard. Any student standing in the zone where the flashcard is that was called out by the teacher is out and must sit down.

The teacher now turns their back again and the students can change to a different zone (or stay where they already are, it's up to each individual). The teacher now calls out a new ESL flashcard.

Any student standing in that zone is out of the game. Keep playing until only three students remain. These are the winners! This is a very easy ESL flashcard game for kids or teens and is super-easy to set up!

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The Duel.jpg

The Duel

In this ESL flashcard game for kindergarten or kids, you’ll have two kids out in the middle. Put them back to back.

Give one ESL flashcard to one of the kids and another ESL flashcard to the other student. Make sure that each student is holding the flashcard at chest height and facing outward. Also make sure that each student has not seen what the other student is holding. Time to Duel!

Brain Drain2.jpg

Brain Drain

This is a clever little ESL flashcard activity for older kids and teens which requires your students to think and engage a little more. It can be adapted to fit multi-levels of ability and also varying ages, depending on the task the teachers sets. Your ESL students will be thinking a little more critically and producing quality language.