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ESL Flashcard Game for Kids: The Balancing Act

This ESL flashcard game for kids works best with rigid English flashcards which have been laminated.

The idea of this one is very simple. Divide your class into small groups of 3-­4 students. Each team chooses a member to stand at the other end of the classroom. This student must stand there perfectly still.

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The rest of the team stand in a line at the other side of the room facing their team mate. Next to the line, place a chair with all the flashcards piled up on it.

When you are ready, shout GO, and start the clock. The first student needs to pick up a flashcard, now facing his team mate, say what it is or use it in a structure ­then run over and balance it on his team mate's head!

The first player now runs back and the second player in the line picks up the new ESL flashcard and repeats the process, balancing the second flashcard on their team mate's head.

Keep going until each flashcard has been balanced and stop the clock. Write the time on the whiteboard and then it's the next team's turn. The fastest team is the winner.

Should a team be clumsy and have a flashcard, or flashcards, fall on the floor, then stop the clock and simply count how many flashcards they were up to and write down this number. They can now only win if no other team finished their flashcard pile but were fastest.

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Ready Aim Fire.jpg

Ready, Aim, Fire!

For the ESL flashcard game for kids, you'll need flashcards or circular paper plates, paper cups and a toy gun with fire rubber sucker darts.

In a nutshell, your students will be aiming at flashcards or words you say with the gun and trying to hit them for points! A simple, but unusual way of reviewing English vocabulary and flashcards with your ESL kids class. Ready, Aim, FIRE!!

The Duel.jpg

The Duel

In this ESL flashcard game for kindergarten or kids, you’ll have two kids out in the middle. Put them back to back.

Give one ESL flashcard to one of the kids and another ESL flashcard to the other student. Make sure that each student is holding the flashcard at chest height and facing outward. Also make sure that each student has not seen what the other student is holding. Time to Duel!