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ESL Flashcard Game for Kids: Make a Copy

In a nutshell, your students need to stick ESL flashcards on the whiteboard in the same order that the teacher says them!

How to play the flashcard game

Arrange the class into two teams. Place two sets of identical flashcards at the front of the class next to the board. Draw a line on the board to separate the two teams.


Have each team sit in a row facing the board. The first student in each row should be near the board and the last student should be near the back of the class.

The teacher goes to the back of the two rows and whispers three or four words to the two students at the back of each team.

The student at the back of each line now whispers these words to the student in front of them. They must copy you and say the words in the order they heard them from you. (Basically, Chinese whispers, but saying 3-4 flashcards in a set order, rather than a single word or sentence).

The next student whispers the words to the student in front of them and so on, until your words have traveled all the way to the front of the line.

The student at the front of each row must grab the flashcards that match the words and stick them to the board in the same correct order.

The first team to put up the flashcards in the correct order wins a point. You can use sticky tape, magnets or putty to attach the words.

When the round is over, the students at the front of the class move to the seats at the back and everyone else moves up one place. Then the process is repeated.

The team with the most points at the end wins the flashcard game.

You can also use this flashcard game for kids to teach or review prepositions of place.

Just add preposition cards and mix them up with the other flashcards.

Whisper a phrase to the two students at the back, e.g. The ball is in the box. The student at the front would have to form the flashcards, e.g. ball, in, box. Then say the complete sentence.

For higher-level students, use TEFL flashcards with words rather than pictures.

Two more fantastic ESL Flashcard Games for Kids

Island Hopping.jpg

Island Hopping

A very cool ESL flashcard game for children which your kids will remember for a long time to come and will be telling their friends about, making you an AWESOME TEFL TEACHER!

Review all of your ESL flashcards with the class (this ESL flashcard game is perfect for both kindergarten and primary), then divide them into two teams (or into three if you have over 12 students).



This ESL flashcard game for older kids will test vocab skills and will require fast-thinking. When you are ready, hold out a flashcard. Students either call out the word or raise their hand if they know the answer. Choose whoever was first to answer and if they get it right, they can sit down and are out.

Take a new ESL flashcard and go again.