ESL Flashcard Game for Kids: Hula-Hoop Steal

A cool ESL flashcard game for children, this will certainly be a big-time favourite for your kids; a flashcard game which you can play often over the year. This is a high-energy ESL flashcard game for kids, with excellent repetition and review of key vocab for your English class.

Setting up this flashcard game

Make a loop of hula-hoops, with a different upturned flashcard in each (see the diagram of the flashcard game set-up below).

Hulahoop steal loop.jpg

Divide your class into two teams and have them standing in two lines at the end of the hula-hoop loop.

When you say go, one player from each team must start hopping along the flashcard loop, saying the ESL flashcard word inside the hoop as they go along. Very quickly, both students will come face to face with each other.

The two kids now play a game of Paper, Scissors, Stone. The loser must run back to the end of their line, while the winner continues on hopping around each flashcard hoop (calling out the correct flashcard as they go) trying to reach the opposing team. 

Hulahoop steal.jpg

As soon as the student who has just lost Paper, Scissors, Stone gets back to the end of their team, then the next student from their team can start hopping along the loop, calling out each ESL flashcard as they go, trying to block the approaching student.

As soon as they come face to face on the loop, then they play Paper, Scissors and Stone again.

The object is for a player to go all the way around the loop to reach the other team. If they can, then they can take two students from the front of the other team to join their team.

The first team to run out of players in this ESL flashcard review game for kids is the loser!

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