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ESL Flashcard Game for Kids: Island Hopping

An ESL flashcard game for kids that will be a winner each and every time you play it in your English classes!

Review all of your ESL flashcards with the class then divide them into two teams, or into three if you have over 12 students.

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The aim of this ESL flashcard activity for kids is for students in each team to make their way, one by one, across the classroom towards the TEFL teacher, take and say a flashcard, then get back to their team. To do so, students must use two puzzle mats only, to slowly make their way over to you and back to their team again.

The TEFL teacher sits across the room from the students with the flashcards fanned out in their hand. When the teams are standing well in a line, the teacher shouts ‘GO’ and the first player of every team must start racing towards you on their mats.

When a player reaches you, they must take a flashcard and say the word/use the structure, then start making their way back to their team (they keep the flashcard).

Once back, the student goes to the back of the line and the next student now goes. Keep racing until one team have all had a go and gotten back; they are the victors. Each team must say the flashcards they got. This is an excellent ESL flashcard game for kids, especially when reviewing lots of words or trying to use them in the target structure.

More ESL Flashcard Games for Kids

Welcome to the Dangerzone.jpg

Welcome to the Danger Zone

Clear lots of space in your classroom and divide it into four zones, similar to the zones on this page. This is a very easy ESL flashcard game for kids to set up and is perfect to slot in the middle of a 45 minute ESL class for children to break things up and review English vocab.

Climb the tree.jpg

Climb the Tree

This is a whole class TEFL flashcard activity for kids which will give your children some excellent speaking practice. For this ESL flashcard game for children, you’ll need to draw a big tree on the classroom whiteboard.

They will be asking and answering questions with a goal to reach at the end. A quality ESL flashcard activity for kids, which is far more than just ‘run and hit the flashcard’ activity.