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Who Am I?

An ideal warmer / icebreaker for classes early on in the school term, 'Who Am I?' allows students to learn more about each other, as well as getting to know each other's names, an important component to getting your class bonded, having a close learning environment and for building closer student relationships.

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Bring a blindfold or scarf to class and get all your kids stood in a circle. Now blindfold a student (a more outgoing student is your best first pick) and have them stand in the centre of the circle.

Now silently choose another student to come into the middle also. Tell the student that they must say three things about themselves, for example, favourite colour, the name of their pet, what they do at weekends, favourite song, movie, whatever. However, they should say these things in a funny voice...all the kids find this hilarious! 

The blindfolded student must listen carefully to the three things the secret student has said. The teacher then asks the blindfolded student what the secret student said (this reinforces the language for all the students in the class), and finally, who they think the secret student is.

Give all the kids a go and then move on.