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ESL Flashcard Game for Kindergarten: The Circle

Many ESL teachers who are asked to teach in kindergartens sometimes assume that English lessons with small children should be energetic and full of surprises all the time to keep young children’s interest, well this isn’t always the case.

Teaching ESL in Kindergarten

Although teaching ESL in kindergarten should have lots of energy, there are times when you should bring down energy levels for the kindergarten children. Teaching English in kindergarten needn’t be a million miles an hour all the time; it’s too much for you and it’s too much for the children.

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This ESL flashcard game for kindergarten is one such activity where the kids are reviewing the English words you’ve taught them, but in a slow and calm manner.

Kindergarten kids sometimes can’t follow the rules of games, simply because they are too young, but this flashcard game is easy to follow for the kindergarten kids and they’ll review the words you taught them from the flashcards very well.

What to do in your kindergarten class

Pre-teach your ESL vocabulary with the kindergarten class and when you are happy that the majority of the kids are comfortable with the flashcards, lay them out on the floor.

Spread them out so there is a good amount of space between each flashcard. Use the space in your kindergarten classroom.

Playing the ‘The Circle’ flashcard game with your kindergarten kids

Choose 4-5 students to stand up and hold hands to form a circle. Stand the circle in the middle of the flashcards. When you are ready, whisper one of the flashcard words to your seated students.

The students then call out the flashcard and then circle has to move to position themselves around the correct flashcard your kindergarten children have called out.

Change the circle often so all students have a turn in the middle.

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