ESL Flashcard Game for Kindergarten: STOP!

This is an ESL flashcard game for kindergarten which is perfect just for a quick review of recent classes or a lead-in to a kindergarten classroom game. It's super easy and you can introduce this into any lesson or any level, just change the topic of the flashcards.

What to do in your kindergarten classroom

Get your students sitting on the floor in the middle of the kindergarten classroom, with the teacher seated at the front. Get 10-15 big and colourful ESL flashcards of recent vocab you've been studying. Make a pile and hold the flashcards out in front of you.


Cycle through them, one flashcard every 2-3 seconds. The kindergarten kids need to look at the flashcards constantly. Cycle through the ESL flashcards in the kindergarten twice until you get back to the beginning.

Time for the flashcard game to start!

After you've cycled through the ESL flashcards twice, rest the pile on your lap and ask the Kindy children which flashcard words they can remember. Encourage your kindergarten students to raise their hands and not call out. Keep going and see if they can recall all of the flashcards.

Now tell the class that you are going to play a game. The teacher will say a flashcard and then start scrolling through. The kids have to yell 'STOP!' when you reveal the correct flashcard as you go through. After each time, choose a random flashcard and again the kids urge you to 'STOP!' as you cycle through and when they see the flashcard you've called. A really simple, but effective ESL flashcard activity for kindergarten years.

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