Last Man Standing

Teaching this weekend and want an easy classroom warmer to start the lesson off?....Look no further! TEFL Lemon has got you covered.

You can use this TEFL warmer with both children or adults, you just need to change the topics and vocab.

How to Play

Get all of your students to make a big circle, just in front of their chairs.

Start with your students standing in a circle

Explain to the class that you are going to give the class a topic i.e. colours, sports, clothes, food, hot things, school subjects, adverbs, countries, whatever - just make it level appropriate and something your class will know. 

Let's say you've chosen 'colours', the student to your left must then say a colour i.e. 'red'.

The next student must say a new colour, for example 'yellow' and the next student, and so on, and so on. As soon as a student either repeats a word previously said or hesitates, then they are out of the game and must sit down

Once a student is out, change the topic and the game continues on. 

***Keep going around the circle eliminating students and giving new topics until only one student is left standing.

That student is the winner and the Last One Standing!!!

This warmer should take no more than five minutes and you can then crack on with your class with your students ready and engaged to learn.