ESL Flashcard Game for Kindergarten: Jigsaw

This ESL flashcard game for kindergarten is pretty unusual but should yield some good results and your students are going to like doing this a lot. You’ll not only be using this flashcard game in kindergarten to teach vocabulary, but also you’ll be teaching your kindergarten kids awareness of shapes and working with others.

Getting ready before your Kindy class

Make a one photocopy of all of your ESL flashcards you are currently teaching your kindergarten kids.

Take your copies and cut each of them through the middle in a jagged pattern (rather than cutting them in half in a straight line). Don't cut each flashcard into many bits, just two jaggedy halves.

When you're done, pop all the bits in a box and take them into class.

What to Do in Class

Your students now need to reach into the box and take one
piece each.

Have them mingle around the class with classmates trying to find the other half of their flashcard by holding out their piece and comparing to other halves of flashcards.

Once found, the pairs of kindergarten children should stick together and tell you in the end what they have.

If you have an odd number of students, the teacher simply takes a piece themselves and joins in.