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ESL Kids Warmer: Drill Sergeant

This is a superb ESL warmer for children and teens, particularly if you've been teaching imperatives i.e. ‘sit down’, ‘stand up’, ‘turn around’, ‘touch your nose’, etc. This ESL kids warmer will make your ESL students use the target language well and have to think quickly in English.

How to Play

Get your students to stand in a line and choose one of your students to be a drill sergeant. Your kids are all soldiers and must obey whatever the drill sergeant says!

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If the drill sergeant shouts 'Sit Down!', then all your students must sit down. If the drill sergeant says 'Open your mouth!', then the kids must obey! If the drill sergeant shouts 'NOBODY MOVE!', then everyone must freeze immediately. Anyone moving is out. Perfect practice for imperatives and a fantastic way to get your kids warmed up for their class ahead.

The slowest student or the student doing the wrong move is out each time. Also, if any kids laugh, then they are out, too! They must keep a straight face and the drill sergeant is allowed to try to make the other kids laugh!

Each time two students are eliminated, then change the drill sergeant. Keep going for a few minutes and encourage different commands. As the activity begins to slow down, kill it and move on with your class. This ESL warmer will work well for both kids and younger teens.