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ESL Flashcard Game for Kindergarten: DRAGON BOAT RACE

A really fun ESL flashcard game for kindergarten here! Works every time! Pre-teach and review your flashcards with the kindergarten class as a whole until you feel that they are comfortable with the vocabulary.

When you are ready, clear lots of space in your kindergarten classroom and divide your class into teams of 3-4 kids.

Have each team sitting on the floor in a line as though they were sitting in a Dragon Boat! The closer they sit together as a team, the better!

Dragon Boat2.jpg

At the side of the classroom, use chairs to mark out kilometre markers for your race and a finish line. When kids are ready and all in place, choose a team to go first and ask them a question about the flashcard, If they get it right, they can shuffle on their bums all together along the floor to the first marker.

Keep asking questions to different teams and have your kindergarten kids race to the finish line!!

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