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Cleopatra's Hieroglyph Codes

This activity can be used either as a warmer or an activity if you find that you have a few more unexpected minutes at the end of your class, but have finished your lesson plan. 

In a nutshell, you'll be writing out the letters of a secret message on the board using pictures for your students to work out. This secret message is your name.

The students must write down the English words of the pictures you draw on the board. Then take the first letter of each of those words. The kids then put all the letters together and work out that the secret message is your name. For example, my name is Stuart:


If there is time, as a follow up, give a piece of paper to each student and allow them five minutes to draw pictures for each letter of their name. You can lend help if kids can't think of vocabulary for any particular letter. They should only draw the pictures at this stage and not write any words.

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After five minutes, the students should fold their papers and hand them to the teacher. Now give back the papers randomly, so every student has a new paper. The kids should work out the name of their classmate by solving the puzzle.